Customized special cables – for difficult challenges

Do you need a very special cable? E&E Kabeltechnik provide ideal cable solutions even for the most challenging customer requirements –thanks to our developmental knowhow gained over many years and our ability to produce a wide range of different products. Naturally, we comply fully with current RoHS and REACH regulations.

  • Customized Special Cables


    • Highly-flexible cables made of silicone, PUR etc.
    • Cables with high tensile strengths
    • Carbon cables – not visible by X-ray, e.g. ECG cables.
    • Data cables EEbit®
    • Anti-bacterial cables - bacterialfrEE® – USB 3.0
    • Motor and control cables – USB 3.1
    • Shielded cables
    • Cable combinations in and with the itemised features

Is your application not in the list? Together with yourselves, our developers and engineers will find the right cable solution for your specific application.
Simply contact us!