Maritime Applications on and under water

  • Customized special cables and cable systems are increasingly being used in a wide range of maritime applications above, in, and under water. Often, this involves very specific needs in terms of long-lasting qualities and reliability.

    High-quality customized cable solutions
    Backed by many years of knowhow, a high level of vertical integration and decades of experience as a manufacturer and development and systems partner, E&E Kabeltechnik can supply tailor-made special cables for almost every maritime application.

  • Applications

    • Sea and Transition-Seismics
    • Echosounder and Sonar Systems
    • Hydro-acoustics/Hydrophones
    • Sonar Trailing Antennae
    • Sensors
    • Camera Technology
    • Navigation Technology
    • Autonomous Surface and Underwater Vehicles (ROV)
    • Specific Applications for Offshore Platforms
    • Special Applications in and under water

  • Customer benefits

    • Application-specific cables and cable systems
    • Cable systems with and without buoyancy
    • Space-saving as a hybrid cable design
    • Optimized electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
    • Strain relief for mechanical loads
    • Seawater-proof with lateral and longitudinal seals
    • Customized solutions
    • Ensuring precise data transmission
    • Plug-and-play assemblies
    • Small batches possible