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special cables for industrial automation

Industrial Automation

E&E special cables can be decisive components in the optimization of automation processes.

Long-lasting, reliable special cables and data cables Cat 5/Cat6

We develop complex, reliable cables and cable systems, designed from A-Z for your application.

Time and cost advantages thanks to tailor-made engineering

The increasing demands of modern industrial automation and machine and plant engineering mean that tailor-made special cables and plug-and-play assemblies are in ever greater demand. Our cables are characterized by longevity and high quality. 

Hybrid cables and plug-and-play cable assemblies

Even in the industrial automation, the use of hybrid cables or composite cables can be useful, e.g to avoid "cable clutter" or to combine different elements under one cable jacket.  You need a spiral cord or a plug-and-play cable system made of your E&E special cable? No problem. Please learn more about our capabilities under "Systems Technology" and "Logistics"

Advantage specific cable characteristics

Special cables are designed for its specific application. They can be torsion-proof, high-flexible, flame-retardent, oil and media proof, abrasion-proof,  non-blocking and much more. Please contact our skilled developers.


  • Automation
  • Industrial Communication
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Identification Systems 
  • Process Control and Survey Systems 
  • Sensor Technology
  • Handling Systems

Customer benefit: 

  • Application specific solutions
  • Also spiralised cables 
  • Long lasting, reliable quality products 
  • Customized jacket color/printing 
  • Expert advice 
  • Plug-and-play
  • Small batch quantities

How are special cables are made?

Experience our interactive cable workflow and learn more about our cables.

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cable design

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