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  1. FolderAbout E&E  For more than 60 years customized special cables and cable harnesses direct from cable manufacturer Ernst & Engbring. International.
    1. PageHistory Learn more about the company E&E as manufacturer of special cables and cable systems from the founding in 1952 up to now
    2. PageQuality Quality, certifications and approvals. We are certified according to ISO standards and have wide ranging product approvals. customized tests.
    3. PageLocations The two production facilities of special cables manufacturer E&E.
  2. FolderSpecial Cables special cables solutions customized- hybrid cables, flat cables, cables for robotics, medical cables, spirals, minature cables and flat cables.
    1. PageHybrid Cables Ernst & Engbring manufacturer of special hybrid/ "all-in-one" cables combining various elements under one jacket - where space matters
    2. PageMiniature Cables Miniature cables made by Ernst & Engbring, the well-known manufacturer of customized special cables up to AWG 56
    3. PageFlat and Round Cables Tailor-made, customized special cables and cable systems in flat or round - also combined in hybrid cables.
    4. PageTrailing Chain Cables Ernst & Engbring - your manufacturer of customized special cables and cable systems for all kinds of trailing chain applications
    5. PageMedical Cables Special cables the lifelines of modern medical technology. Tailor-made special cables up to AWG 56 directly from the manufacturer Ernst & Engbring
    6. PageRobotics Cables Tailor-Made special cables for robotics and all kinds of robots directly from cable manufacturer. Also harnessed and ready-to-use.
    7. PageCable Systems In our own harnessing department we produce your specific plug-and-play assembly from your Ernst & Engbring cable.
  3. FolderIndustries/Markets Ernst and Engbring is manufacturer of customised cables for robotics, medical,surgery, machine engineering, measurement and industrial automation
    1. PageIndustrial Automation Special cables for industrial automation - E&E special cables and cable systems
    2. PageMedical Technology Special cables for healthcare and medical technology - safe, reliable and flexible cables also minaturized up to AWG 56. ISO 13485:2003 certified.
    3. PageMaritime Applications Our special cables for use in, above and under water and for special applications on offshore plattforms and shipbuilding. Special cables made by E&E
    4. PageMachine Engineering Customized special cables for modern machine and plant engineering - directly from the german cable manufacturer
    5. PageRobotics/Automation Special Cables for rotbotics and industrial automation, when standard cables can't stand it. The cable experts Ernst & Engring
    6. PageMeasurement/Control Measurement and Control Technology -E&E Special Cables are use in various applications - also for sensors and imaging devices
    7. PageSpecific Applications Our cables are use in a broad variety of also very specific applications. Special cables made by Ernst & Engbring.
  4. FolderServices E&E cable expertise from one source: project management, cable production, systems, harnessing, logistics, quality testings and certifications
    1. PageProject Management Our experts help you with your project and design and develop the right cable solution for you.
    2. PageHarnessing We produce your specific cable assembly or spiral cord from nearly every E&E cable. Moulding and Casting are also feasible.
    3. PageTests/Approvals Our cables and cable assemblies have to pass our demanding quality tests in our test laboratories before they are delivered.
    4. PageLogistics Ernst & Engbring works internationally and offers more than cable production. Learn more about our worldwide logistics and ask us for support.
    5. PageDownloads You'll find company brochures, E&E conditions of sales and information about our company in Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany.
    6. FolderInformation The interactive cable workflow from Ernst & Engbring. Learn more about cables and how they are made.
      1. PageCable Design The interactive cable workflow from Ernst & Engbring. Learn more about cables and how they are made.
  5. FolderNews News and Information regarding the production of customized cables and cable systems. Made by Ernst & Engbring - your Cable Manufacturer
    1. PageDEL Notification The daily DEL-Notifications. Ernst & Engbring customized special cables and cable systems.

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